2022 Student Scholarship Applications are open from January 4-18, 2022. Applications must be submitted by January 18, 2022. Artists For Africa Scholarships

Scholarships from Artists For Africa, Inc., are for post primary educational expenses to begin January of the year of application. Only students that are continuing their artistic education may apply for this scholarship. The student must submit documentation throughout the academic school year that they are enrolled in an artistic program outside of their academic program. Amounts of scholarship are based upon the tuition costs of the school of acceptance, not to exceed $5000. This may be awarded to more than one recipient depending upon available funds and committee review. The grantor(s) will be notified of the school of acceptance and tuition amount by January 31st. The scholarship will generally be posted December 1-14 through the Artists For Africa website, and local arts and scholastic schools in Nairobi.

Should there be a need, an additional period of application can be approved by the Scholarship Committee and posted as above.

Students will be notified upon determination as to their acceptance or decline. Student applications will be reviewed by an application committee, designated by Artists For Africa. Recipients will be selected based upon financial need, continued artistic pursuits, and academic merit (weighted in that order). Tuition checks will be made directly to the academic institution on the student’s behalf. A dismissal from school or disenrollment in artistic pursuits will disqualify the applicant from the possibility of a subsequent scholarship. Applicants will be required to resubmit applications annually regardless of prior year’s approval.

Any negative or wrongful actions taken or committed by the recipient while attending secondary education under the scholarship will not hold liability for Artists For Africa, Inc. Artist For Africa also holds the right for full publicity and disclosure, including photographs and social media, regarding the recipient and details of the scholarship.

All scholarship applications should be submitted electronically to; given directly to Cooper Rust +254 (0) 718 929 958; or delivered to any Dance Centre Kenya studio for disbursement to the Scholarship Review Committee.

Please click on the PDF Application Form below to print your application.